C.S.B UMEDA – Hookah Cafe & Bar –
  • シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店
  • シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店
  • シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店
  • シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店
  • シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店
  • シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店
           シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店のコンセプト


C.S.B UMEDA Hookah Cafe & Bar

C.S.B Umeda is a Shisha Cafe & Bar located near Osaka Station(JR) and Umeda Station(Hankyu).

Skilled staff blends hookah flavors for the customers with more than 100 flavors selected from all over the world.

All shisha (hookah) will be provided by Shisha Bucks.

You can also enjoy darts and all-you-can-drink plans in a space based on the concept of “Art x Relax”.

           シーシャカフェ&バー - C.S.B 大阪梅田店のコンセプト


「Hookah」 is ...

Hookah are luxury goods you can enjoy their flavor, and their origin are in Islamic World.

“Flavors of hookah contains only under 0.05% of nicotine, and none of tar.And nicotine is water-soluble.

Because you can inhale tobacco-smoke passed through water, So it is said that you take in a few amount of nicotine by smoking hookah.”

There are abundant fruit flavors, and the number of female lovers has been increasing in recent years.


1 person 700yen / 2h

※No Charge during 13:00 – 20:00

Private Room Charge

※13:00‒20:00 1,000yen/h

Free-Flowing Drink
2500yen / 2hours

※L.O 90min



Feel free to call or contact through LINE for reservation and more Info.

OPEN 13:00 – 05:00

TEL: 06-6360-4856

OPEN 13:00 - 05:00

7-22 Stage Nakadori Building 2F Doyamacho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka

5 minutes walk from Hankyu Osaka Umeda Station

9 minutes walk from JR Osaka Station

8 minutes walk from Umeda Station on the Subway Midosuji Line

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